Longkong (or Dongkong) Langsat, and Duku (or Duku-Langsat)

DIFFERENCES BETWEEN 3 TYPES OF LANSIUM DOMESTICUM: LONGKONG (also called Dongkong), LANGSAT, and DUKU (also called Duku-Langsat)
FRUIT SKIN Thick , rough, pale yellow color, no latex. Thin, soft hair, yellow, there is latex when broken or torn. Thick, soft hair, rough, pale yellow.
FRUIT Round, big shape, clear flesh, sweet, or sweet-sour, thin seed, full flesh, good smelling. Smaller than Longkong and Duku, 1 inch wide, 1.5 inches long, egg shaped on bottom. Bigger than Longkong and Langsat, round shape, strong smell, non bitter tasting seed.
SEED Few seed in one fruit. Developed seed is quite big, curve on one side, and flat on the other side. Polyembryonic. Small seed, green color. Strong bitter taste. Two pieces with a crack line in between. Monoembryonic. Football shaped seed. Monoembryonic